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The arrangement of Kuta Beach is considered to be very well targeted, just before the G20 Summit in November 2022

Badung,Okebali.Com~25 September 2022 The Local Government And Related Agencies Get Praise From The Balinese People And Also Tourists Who Visit The Kuta Beach Area.

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With its new face, the arrangement of Kuta Beach is considered very important because of the beauty of the white sand and the cleanliness of the beach

The success of this arrangement cannot be separated from the proposal from the traditional village to the Badung Regency Government

The Media Team Interviewed the Bendesa Adat Kuta Mr. I Wayan Wasista via telephone.

I Wayan also provides information
That there will be abrasion in the area I Wayan Wasista also proposes that the arrangement of Kuta Beach be the attention of the Badung Regency Government

With a mature study and the results of a study on the design of the arrangement of Kuta Beach, the Badung Regency Government responded positively
Until the Implementation of the Kuta Beach Arrangement Project which has been carried out along Kuta Beach, said I Wayan Wasista, Kuta Beach Customary Village
Badung – The arrangement of Kuta Beach is considered to be very targeted, as it approaches the G20 Summit in November 2022.

Bendesa Adat Kuta Village I Wayan Wasista revealed that the arrangement of Kuta Beach which is currently being carried out is a proposal from his party to the Badung Regency Government (Pemkab).

“The importance of the Kuta Beach route needs attention from the government, one of which may be due to friction, the situation is still the same. That’s why we held a village meeting to decide to arrange the beach so that there was a proposal to the government

According to I Wayan Wasista, his party has formed a technical study team related to the proposal for structuring Kuta Beach. The study team then made a design for the arrangement of Kuta Beach to be further proposed to the government.

Based on the innovative design, Kuta Beach will be decorated with statues, there will be a skate park, playground, and facilities for the disabled.

Meanwhile, the merchants on the beach are also neatly arranged. According to him, all parties are accommodated in the arrangement of Kuta Beach with his new face.

“The structure of Kuta beach is natural, yes, with white sand. It’s not like in Sanur. If in Sanur it is installed with cribe. Later (if Kuta Beach is installed with cribe) it is feared that the waves will disappear, meaning the waves are for surfing, because Kuta beach is synonymous with surfing ,” he said.

Until now, the progress of structuring Kuta Beach is around 50 percent. The paping area that can be used for jogging tracks is also not completely connected. Paping for the jogging track will be installed to the south close to I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Besides being used for jogging, the arrangement of Kuta Beach can of course still be used to relax to enjoy the sunset. Wasista ensures that tourists, both foreign and domestic, will really enjoy Kuta Beach when the arrangement is completed.

It is hoped that after the Kuta Beach Arrangement is completed, it can attract higher tourist visits, both domestic and foreign. Thus, it can bring multiple effects to the economy of the people of Kuta and the tourism industry in the Kuta area in particular and Badung in general.

( OB/MIO Bali )

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